Corn Island and Little Corn Island

Corn Island and Little Corn Island or in Spanish known as “Islas del Maíz”, are the physical representation of the Nicaraguan Caribbean paradise.

Where is the Corn Island located? Only 70 km east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

A very attractive destination that every year attracts hundreds of national and international visitors, that is why we have prepared a travel guide to fully explore the islands in 2018.

Table of Contents:

  1. History
  2. Neighborhoods
  3. Culture and tradition
  4. Festivities
  5. Language of Corn Island
  6. Corn Island typical food
  7. accommodation
  8. Corn Island hotels
  9. Hotels in Little Corn Island
  10. Activities
  11. How to go to Corn Island?


Corn Island is a municipality of the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean of Nicaragua (RACS), formed by an archipelago of two small islands, located about 70 kilometers from the coast of Bluefields.

The popularity of this area is due in large part to its natural beauty: white sand beaches, turquoise waters, abundance of palm trees, coral reefs and varied marine fauna. All the above combined with the quietest environment, ideal for relaxation.


This beautiful place is divided into 6 neighborhoods, 5 of which are located on Great Corn Island.

  1. Brig Bay
  2. North End
  3. Sally Peachie
  4. South End
  5. Quinns Hill
  6. Little Corn Island

As a good part of the Nicaraguan Caribbean, the islands share many aboriginal and African roots. A culture rich in sones, customs, dances and flavors inherited from a long tradition of fishing villages, Garífuna, misquitos and African immigrants.


Festivities of Corn Island

    Celebration of the anniversary of the municipality. It is usually celebrated with a gastronomic fair and a party in the center of the island.


    It is celebrated on Monday after Holy Week, also known as Resurrection Monday. This day, the residents usually spend the morning on the beach and picnics.


    Like the rest of the areas where the majority of the population is of African descent, Corn Island also celebrates Palo de Mayo, one of the biggest attractions. Between the 1st and the 31st of May, different groups of dances perform celebrations for all the neighborhoods and crowded sectors of the islands.

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Every year between August 26 and 29, fairs, parties, meetings and other cultural events are held to celebrate the anniversary of the abolition of slavery on the island on August 27, 1841.


As its name implies, this celebration has to do with the Christmas festivities. The islanders set out to sing carols at night visiting the houses of the neighbors. This is done every weekend of December ending on the 23rd of that month with a Christmas concert in the churches.

Languages in Corn Island

imagenes de corn island

The islands of Corn Island are inhabited by around 7 thousand people, mostly Creoles, a Caribbean ethnic group of African origin. Although Spanish is the official language in the country, creole English or Creole is the predominant language in the islands, there are also Aboriginal people who speak misquito.

Corn Island Gastronomy

As it is possible to suppose the typical food of the islands is very related to the sea. There is no shortage of dishes made with fish, lobster, shrimp and crabs that is called Rodón or Rundown.



      • RUNDOWN OR RONDÓNRun down o rondon, gastronomia corn island, comida nicaraguense

The food par excellence of the islanders. A traditional dish made with fish or beef meat, along with bread, yucca, bananas, bananas and sweet potatoes. All cooked in a coconut milk broth. A traditional delight that you can not miss when visiting this Caribbean paradise.


As expected, with such beauty around, the tourist offer can not miss. In recent years the hotel offerings of the Corn Islands Nicaragua has spread a lot. The services are increasingly specialized, with their own restaurants and warm human treatment.

Some hotels to consider for your next trip through these beautiful islands:

Hotels in Corn Island Nicaragua:
Arenas Beach Hotel
Canada House
Hotel Morgan
Hotels in Little Corn Island:
Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa
Little Corn Beach and Bungalow
Sushine Hotel


But besides recommending you to witness all the natural beauty of Corn Islands, we can not fail to mention all the activities available to perform, the attractions and adventure and fun destinations that abound in these beaches.

Buceo isla del maíz

Here our list:

1. Diving and snorkeling
2. Spas Yoga and pilates
3. Rowing surf
4. Fishing excursions / sport fishing
5. Visit islands
6. Surf, windsurf and kitesurf
7. Boat tours
8. Visit Little Corn Island
9. Tour the island in miniature golf carts
10. Travel on horseback

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