Big Corn Island


A true Caribbean paradise

The larger of Nicaragua's two most lovely islands, Great Corn (called Big Corn by locals) is a wonderfully manageable and authentic slice of the Caribbean that combines some cracking stretches of golden sand beach with a rich and independently minded English-speaking culture. Here you'll find barefoot bars, commercial fishing wharfs, baseball games on the beach and smiling young lobster divers, catch in hand, wherever you go. An ever-present armada of elders sitting in rocking chairs on creaky front porches, and several jungle-swathed headlands to explore, complete the picture. It’s a place where reggae and country music can coexist without irony, where fresh lobster is a staple ingredient rather than a luxury, and where the longer you stay, the less you'll want to leave.

BIG CORN ISLAND: a taste of the Caribbean

With a surface of around ten square kilometers, Great Corn Island is more than three times larger than the neighboring island, Little Corn Island. Long stretches of sandy beaches and a wide variety of hotels can be found at Great Corn Island, and it is accessible by air and over water. Houses are scattered over the island, but small neighborhoods can be found at certain places. Some parts of the island are uninhabited.


Little Corn Island is a charming island that is only about 1.5 square miles in size. Filled with scenic ocean views unobstructed by cruise ships, its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, cabanas and local restaurants make Little Corn Island feel extra special. Locals get around on foot with no motorized vehicles available on the island. Little Corn Island is home to a population of approximately less than 1,200 individuals who mainly speak Creole English. Travelers will find a relaxed atmosphere and a way of life that embraces the surrounding nature.


The two islands are perfect places to appreciate the sensational reefs and marine life through diving, as well as fishing at sea or simply relax to enjoy the landscape and explore the surroundings with total tranquility and security.

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